What to Expect

First of all, we want you to feel comfortable to come as you are whether you want to wear a three piece suit or a T-shirt and jeans. We have no dress code.

Next, you will notice that our building and worship service is quite simple, and this is by choice. While we don't always follow a particular order, every Sunday there will be singing, prayer, reading of scripture, a sermon or lesson from the Bible, communion, and an opportunity to give money for the work of the church. All of these parts are lead by men only.

Our singing is A Capella, which means we do not have any musical instruments. Instead we sing from song books and have four part harmony whenever we are able.

Each sermon typically lasts for 30-45 minutes and ends with an invitation to anyone in the audience who might need to ask for prayers, confess or repent of their sins. It is also an opportunity for anyone who might like to give their life to Christ through baptism.

Our Communion, or Lord's Supper, includes eating a small piece of yeast free bread which is a symbol of Jesus' body that he sacrificed on the cross and a small cup of grape juice which is a symbol of His blood that has the power to take our sins away. We will pass a tray with the bread or the juice down every row of people so that those who are Christians can have a portion. We only expect those who don't wish to have a portion to pass the tray to the next person who might like to take part in the communion.

Our worship service is typically ended with any last minute announcements, prayer and/or song. Afterward you are free to leave but we hope you will stay so we can get to know each other better!